Join us September 19, 2021 at 10:30a.m. What happens when “the oil” of our life stops flowing & we no longer want to move forward?

We LOVE our Military families

First: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! We appreciate you and your family.

Second: We want you to know we LOVE you! Grandview strives to provide love, encouragement, opportunities to serve and a warm accepting church community.

Third: We understand that El Paso & Fort Bliss may not be your home, but while you are here, would you give us the opportunity to make you feel like home? If so, Grandview would like to provide three things for you:

1-     A community where you can find direction, purpose and salvation in Jesus and discover joyful triumphant Christian living while you are here in our city.

2-     A community where you can build long-term meaningful relationships with others (Military and Civilian) that can make your stay in our area positive and engaging.

3-     A community where we learn and grow together in the study and understanding of the Bible as the key for successful living. 

Join us on a Sunday to see how we can serve you.

We pray blessings over you as you serve our country.